About Me

My name is Selso Xisto and I'm a creative, technically-proficient freelance Editor with over 12 years experience in editing, copywriting, art direction, promo producing and directing.

I cut on Premiere, FCP and Avid to a high standard and I'm a solid operator of After Effects, CS and am currently learning C4D.

I've cut commercials, marketing materials, reels, trailers and mood films for clients such as:
Bentley, EA games, Nickelodeon CSU, Vamonos TV, Lululemon Athletica, LoveLive TV, Firefilms, and Disney Channel.

I've done freelance Promo (producing and editing) work for Channel 5 as well as commercial work for the Creative Advertising team at Nickelodeon (as well as UK on-air), producing and directing sponsorship and commercials for the UK channels and various external clients such as Argos, Smyths and Butlins.

During my full time career (pre 2013), I worked on promo, commercial and digital campaigns for Disney and Cartoon Network brands. I cut and produced from concept through to delivery, Europe-wide on-air campaigns for Cartoon Network's core franchises such as Ben 10, Adventure Time and Star Wars: the Clone Wars. 

I co-produced an award-winning online campaign for Malaria-no-More as well as various digital projects including web content for Ben 10 Omniverse that has generated millions of hits for the various CN sites.

In July 2013, I finished a 12-week intensive course at Escape Studios studying Compositing for Production, learning advanced compositing techniques in NUKE.

What I can do for you

EDIT -Proficient in Premiere Pro, FCP 7+X, Avid Media Composer.

Motion Graphics - Solid skills in After Effects and C4D to complement my editing work.

Write - Over 12 years of copywriting experience in on-air promos and commercials. 
Worked full-time for Disney (5 years) and Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon Network (7 years)
 as well as freelance Producing/writing for Nickelodeon's Creative Advertising team. 
Promos, film trailers, radio ads, commercials, sponsorship bumpers, web copy.

Direct - Experience of directing green screen and studio shoots with kids and puppets!
Self-shoot on most cameras as well as own kit which can be hired for a modest fee:

Feel free to get in touch for availability and day rates.

Full UK Driving Licence and Motorcycle Licence - own car and motorcycle.
Own kit - Camera, Edit and Graphics software - happy to work remotely or on site.

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    2015 Edit Showreel details:

    Bentley Performance Film for Bentley's stand at the 2015 Geneva Motor show (cutdown) - Created in four days for Keko media in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Trailer cut on Premier with a smattering of After Effects on the lightsaber effect on the CN logo and end page.

    Need for Speed Rivals: Sales reel (cutdown) - I cut this in a day on Premier pro and did some simple motion graphics for the various captions, awards and accolades (including the intro). A mixture of pre-rendered and in-game footage.

    Currys PC World Cannes Marketing Campaign Competition Submission - (Cutdown) Created for Milssen Smith. Cut in Premiere Pro, infographics created in After Effects - Twitter block graphic created in C4D.

    NCIS Death Wish Special - Promo for 2-part special on Channel 5. Cut on FCP7.

    SeaLife Commercial for Nickelodeon Creative AdvertisingA classic case of something for nothing - very small budget and only a few days to produce with only a handful of ungraded source clips. I created the deep sea background and pseudo-3D text in After Effects without any plugins using only standard CS5 effects. Graded the shots and did a bit of rig-removal to hide light reflections in the tank windows as well as some (quick and dirty!) roto on the first and last sharks.

    Lululemon Athletica (Cutdown) - Corporate Reel created in After Effects from stills in 3 days.

    Butlins Xmas Just for Tots Commercial - Created in After Effects with stills for Nickelodeon CSU.

    2014 Promo Showreel details:

    Everything in this reel was written, produced, directed and edited by me.

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Launching season 3 across 13 different CN territories, I wanted to create something epic and cinematic. I cut this on Premiere and did the opening lightsaber effect-CN logo and end page in After Effects.

    NCIS Death Wish Special - Promo for 2-part special on Channel 5. Cut on FCP7.

    Malaria No More Viral Campaign (1 of 4) - A Promax Charity Challenge winning campaign I co-produced for Cartoon Network. 
    This spot was my baby, with wonderful animation by Giulia Barbera... I did the foley and voice for all of them too, great fun!

    TMNT Commercial - Produced, written, edited and directed by myself for Nickelodeon CSU.

    Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Finale - Part 1 of a 2-part 'Legacy' campaign I conceived during my time in the Shared Creative Services team at Turner.
    Wrapping up the Ultimate Alien series and teasing the new series, I wanted to convey the sense of Ben's legacy by an imagined Ben 10 fan in a museum of Ben 10 in the future - the grandfather's voice is meant to be today's 7-year old fan!
    I storyboarded, produced and art directed the project. It was distributed across 13 territories.

    Xmas interstitial - A series of fun interstitials I directed for the Shared Creative Services team. Shot in a day with a DP and a work colleague as santa!

    Gruffalo Commercial - I wrote, cut and art directed this spot for the Creative Advertising Team at Nickelodeon; great animation by Dave Goodall.

    Argos Commercial - I wrote, produced and art directed this spot for the Creative Advertising Team at Nickelodeon.

    Generator Rex New Eps Promo - Cut on FCP; all chroma distortion effects done within FCP without plugins. End page 
    from CN branded package.

    Selso Xisto Edit Reel 2015

    Captions explain which software I used to create each piece. I created the intro in C4D and After Effects.

    Selso Xisto Promo Reel 2014

    Captions explain software and role on each piece.

    Bentley Performance Film for Geneva Motor Show 2015 (Full Version)

    ImechE Formula Student 2015 Dynamic Events

    ImechE Formula Student 2015 DYNAMIC EVENTS

    One of 7 films cut in a frantic 4 days at ImechE's Formula Student 2015 Event at Silverstone.

    Freesat Channel of the Year Awards Reel for Channel 5